Good Practice, a company that produces leadership and management content and products for organisations, has just launched some research into how managers use the web to help them do their jobs.

The research of 500 UK managers confirms that Google and a few trusted sites are where managers go to help them do their jobs. Three quarters of UK managers say that using search engines such as Google provide them with content that is effective for helping with their workplace management challenges.  In the UK, managers trust sites such as ACAS, the CIPD website, Business Balls and Forbes. They also use less well known sites that are perceived to be trusted sources of information.

So far, this may not be earth shattering news. But it is if you look at it through a different lens. How about if you are an organisation that is spending a small fortune on content to help managers do their job? The fact is that Google is doing a better job than you. That begs the question: do you need to create this type of content?

The research also provides some useful insights into what makes managers choose particular sites. This is more of a user experience question and it throws up some useful take-aways for organisations.

The research looked into what website attributes have the biggest impact on usage.

The findings reveal:

Again, these might not be surprising findings but they are important for any organisations pouring money into internal content, resources and communications. Put simply, if you are going to create content for managers it is going to have to be better than what’s already out there on the web.

Whether you decide to curate or create this type of information it has to be better than a web search for relevance, ease of use and access.