I’m currently thinking about knowledge and how ‘knowledge workers’ develop what they know. The reason for this is that a lot of the the information around the UK’s Brexit vote was opinion, conjecture or lies. But it was enough to ‘inform’ an electorate to make a vote that will have a huge impact on the country. This article is worth a read on the topic.

I’m also interested in this because more web filtering tools are providing an AI driven experience. This experience may or may not provide us with the full picture on any given topic. Do we even know or care how an algorithm works? Knowing we are short on time, we take shortcuts which means we might find that we take the easiest and quickest route to finding what we need. But is that the best stuff, or the right stuff? What’s the impact on what we know?

Here are some questions worth considering?

With easier access to more knowledge than ever, do you feel more knowledgeable?