A couple of days ago I was name checked in a video posted on LinkedIn (see it above). In the video Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 – makers of social learning platform Curatr – explains that after some initial skepticism about an idea I ran past him he has decided to give it a go.

The idea is to use his platform, which is typically used to run courses (also known as Massive Open Online Courses) for a 48hr course. Sam Burrough and I created and facilitated four MOOCs on the Curatr platform which was the catalyst for suggesting different ways for using the platform. I liked the idea of using it for a facilitated conversation which could take place over a week. Ben’s idea is to go for something even shorter and it will be really interesting to see how it works.

Why am I sharing this? Well, I’m delighted an idea has come to fruition but more importantly I think it s great to see technology being used in unintended ways. A platform that enables curated content and conversation doesn’t just have to produce courses does it?

If you are interested to see how the 48hr MOOC works out, then sign up here. It runs 19-20 April.