A recent study by IBM into what CEOs think the future holds showed that CEOs find it a challenge to stay informed of current trends and thinking. The study is significant in that it gained insights from more than 5,000 leaders.

The graph below tells the story.


The research shows that senior executives use traditional ways to stay informed such as listening to thought leaders and hiring market research companies to gain sector insights. Sticking out like a sore thumb is the fact that only 29% say they use blogs and social media sites.

This is an important finding for any business as it is through these channels that you can provide company and market insights. The report authors make a great point about the value of many insights helping to shape an overall view of where a market might be headed:

The members of an ecosystem compete collectively, but each has its own angle on the world. Pooling their perceptions to create a collective understanding of future trends and technologies, and how best to capitalize on them, enables all the members of the ecosystem to compete more effectively.

All companies have the opportunity to help their customers and potential customers, partners, staff and potential new recruits to understand the market they are in through social channels. This report shows there is a huge value to sharing these insights.

There are a number of ways to share insights, which include:

You might also find some unintended benefits of this activity. For example, over time you will build up a reputation for your sector knowledge. This might lead on to requests to speak at events, judge relevant awards and produce content for other websites in your sector.

Insights content can run alongside your other tactical content marketing efforts. The important thing to remeber is that you need to keep checking in with your audience to ensure you are providing the insights they find useful. Do that by keeping an eye on your data (views and engagement) and also asking people what they think.

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Read the IBM report: Redefining Boundaries – Insights from the Global C-Suite Study