Our series on #storymakers asks professionals across a range of disciplines how they use stories in their work. We are delighted that the Revd Philip Hawthorn,  the vicar at St Stephen’s Church in Bath, Somerset, UK, agreed to share how he uses stories in his work. We thought a vicar would have some particularly useful insights as they use specific stories (the Bible) and tell them to different audiences on a regular basis. Prior to becoming a vicar, the Revd Hawthorn worked in TV, so he has worked on developing stories in a slightly different context too.

When we interview our #storymakers we ask one question: How do you use stories in your work? We ask this because we believe context is so important when it comes to storytelling. There might be a science to how stories are constructed but how they are used varies considerably.

You can find the rest of our #storymakers series here. And please drop us a line if you would like to be interviewed!