Recent research from global PR firm Edelman is useful for understanding what type of content to create and share that will become more shareable across different networks. The research looks at the top 50 most-shared news articles in the US and provides some insights into what made those stories so successful. According to the research, there are five ingredients to a successful story:

  1. Use of video/images
  2. Brevity
  3. Localisation
  4. More use of human voice
  5. Proximity to trending topics

If you are creating your own content then consider how you can use these ingredients in what you do. It’s not always easy to create timely content around trending topics but it helps to be thinking about how you could pick up on issues and topics that are in your area of expertise.

There’s more on the research here.

The good news is that users do trust brand content, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2015. So, learn from what makes a story successful and capitalise on the fact that users will trust what you have to say (that’s if you are not trying to pull the wool over their eyes).