Last week I spoke at the Learning Technologies Conference on a couple of topics – the future of work and MOOCs. This was related to my work on our small media brand, LearnPatch, which I run in the L&D space. The future of work discussion was recorded as Google Hangout in a room at the event.

Whether or not you are interested in the topic, Google Hangouts are a great way of extending the reach of an event (lip synch issues aside – they were caused by bandwidth issues at the venue). In this case, a room was set up at the conference and speakers were brought in to reflect on their talks.

Hangouts need not be the preserve of conferences, however. They are a great way to showcase what you as an organisation know and to deliver that in a conversational way – you can invite questions and respond to them as the Hangout is broadcast. Clearly, you will have to market the fact you are doing it if you want a live audience.

The added benefit of Hangouts is that once you have finished the broadcast it resides on your Youtube channel which means it can gain exposure there as well as enabling you and others to share it by embedding it in other web pages.

There are some good tips here on running a Google Hangout.