Just over a week ago I delivered a workshop on content curation at the Learning Live conference in London. I was asked to steer clear of lectures so my aim was to get everyone in the room up and running on a content curation tool.

I started with some context and described why curation is important and what I meant by the term. I then suggested some tools to use that I use. I chose ones I thought were relatively straightforward to use and could be set up quickly in a short session. The slides above lists the tools.

A show of hands at the end of the session showed everyone had got on to one of these tools I mentioned, which was a great result.

It wasn’t without its challenges, however. Not wanting to hammer the event broadband I decided to use the browser-based versions of the tools. However, on most tablets and phones they do not render well and usability is poor. Next time I’d ask people to download the apps at the start of the session while I do my preamble and hope the wifi can stand the pressure.

Here are some links I emailed the attendees afterwards and below that is some feedback. All in all, the practical approach was a hit.

Twurly.org (http://twurly.org/)
This tool sends you an email of only the links that have been shared by the people you follow on Twitter. It is closed to new sign-ups but they are taking emails.

I didn’t have to time to mention how to hone the search terms you use for alerts. Here are some examples of the punctuation you can use to get better alerts.

Curation updates

Session feedback

Your session was very useful and has prompted me to start up a curation blog I started sometime ago and stopped. I will definitely be suing some of the tools you talked about so thanks.

I really enjoyed your session Martin. Thank you for sharing short cuts.
My main takeaway, was “don’t be scared to have a go – and work through the frustration.

Thank you. I have already started using some of the tools in both work and my personal life.