How much time do you spend on email at work? More than six hours a week, according to this research. And according to Mckinsey, the average office worker spends 28% of an average work week reading and responding to email. If an average working week is 40 hoursĀ  then 28% equates to 11 hours a week spent on email.

When you consider the types of email you see day in day out you realise there is a lot of repetition, a lot of email that is sent that you don’t need to see an then there are the banter emails that can take on a life of their own. The upshot is an inbox bursting at the seams and an almighty challenge trying to get to messages and files that are important.

Now that internal and external social networking tools are maturing, isn’t it time for organisations to look at more effective ways of communicating? This is easier said than done as communications in many organisations have historically been quite heavily controlled and in organisations with low levels of trust there is unlikely to be open communication. However, simply continuing to saddle individuals and teams with inefficient communication tools serves little positive purpose especially as what the organisation knows as a whole provides competitive advantage.

Much of our work involves helping organisations create great content which can be useful in itself but also act as a catalyst for connecting people with ideas and people with colleagues. This works both internally and externally.

We’ve tried to capture the essence of this work in this short film. Please drop us a line if you you’d like to discuss developing these ideas in your organisation.