This week Channel 4 (UK terrestrial TV channel) economics editor Paul Mason has been video blogging (vlogging) from Greece where he is covering the Greek debt story.

Check out the episode below – it is a great example of vlogging. In his official capacity as TV reporter, Mason will be constrained by how news reports are delivered – constrained by time, message, what he can say vs what he wants to say etc – but in his unofficial capacity, although still representing the brand, he provides a completely different style. He is natural, off the cuff and talks straight to camera. No editing, no TV polish. What you get is something quite different. More personal insight, more colour, more personality. And you get an incredible amount of information in such a short clip. What’s more, he has been doing them every day as the Greek debt drama unfolds.

This shows how useful vlogging is as a way of sharing your thoughts. OK, we are not all TV presenters but for less than £50 you can have the tripod, phone clip and external mic that will provide quality footage. And you may not have insight into a global story but you will have insight into industry developments, market trends, reaction to news in your sector. Share that in the right places – with industry news media, your customers base, relevant hashtags on Twitter, on LinkedIn – in a timely way and you have got your insights out there.