Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 09.34.58Success stories can so easily get buried never to be seen again. Not so long ago I undertook some work in which a very forward thinking client who was sponsoring an industry award decided to publish interviews of all the shorlisted teams in the award category it was sponsoring.

I was asked to do the interviews and write the articles, which were published in the lead up to the awards. Not all the shortlisted teams wanted to be interviewed but those that did shared some amazing stories of innovation.

The companies ranged in size and represented many different sectors and all had challenges to overcome that were unique to them. As it was an awards ceremony there would be only one winner. And having attended many awards ceremonies I know the winners tend to be bigger companies with bigger projects that can boast bigger numbers when it comes to impact and return on investment.

However, when I talked to the various shortlisted teams I heard of stories of individuals and teams making changes and bringing in new ideas that were having a significant impact on their business. In these stories, as with all stories, context is everything. A small innovation with technology in a very traditional analogue business can have a big impact but it doesn’t mean that that innovation, taken out of that context, is particularly innovative.

But it is for that company and that’s what matters. Traditional channels for telling business success stories are notoriously difficult for most companies to have any impact. You might want to enter awards and pitch case studies to conferences but remember that stories can have a real impact within the organisation, your supply chain and for peer companies.

Why not let:

And why not use these stories in training content and as a part of recruitment campaigns?

It is easier than ever to create and share successes – make sure you make the most of them.

Here are the success stories we produced for the client we mentioned:

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