Adobe Voice is an ipad app that lets you create animated films using still images and voice-overs. My eldest son was keen to share his Lego creations with Minecraft makers Mojang so we decided to try out Adobe Voice.

This creation took a matter of minutes – we shot the images of the Lego and then he added his voice-over – you simply press the record button while on the image. You can also add text and there are loads of different backgrounds and graphic styles to choose from as well as a range of background soundtracks. And all done within the app – it is very simple. You can then embed using the code provided.

This looks like a good tool for creating short, eye-catching films without having to spend a lot of time or money on editing. I notice that what you create stays with Adobe Voice – I cannot see a way to export the file other than to share the embed code. It would be good to be able to add to Youtube, for example.