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My children have tennis lessons on a Saturday. And attending those lessons has led me to find out something that dramatically changes the way children learn tennis. This is a surprise and a challenge to me as I learned to play as a child and enjoy playing now. My other half also plays.

To us, you buy some balls, get a racket and go to the park for a knock about. Simple. Although it isn’t simple because tennis balls are fast and it can be difficult and frustrating for children to have a rally.

However, it is much simpler for children if you buy the right balls. I wondered why the kids at the tennis club were using different coloured balls so I asked the coaches. The multi-coloured  balls have less pressure in them which means they are slower, which means they are easier to hit. As they get better, the children progress on to using slightly faster balls.

Forgive me if this is something you all know, but I didn’t. As a family, we can now play tennis and have rallies. That means the children are learning tennis more quickly, and more importantly enjoy it because they can do it. (There’s a good article on this here).

I thought the different coloured tennis balls were a good example of the right tool for the job. In our line of work – digital content and communications – we see the same thing. There are a glut of tools available to create and curate content and manage communications. And much like the tennis lessons, we ask people what they use and why and try out new tools to see if there is something that we enjoy using and helps us to do a better job.