I was cycling back from town recently and swung around a corner to see this:


It looked to me like the road was blocked and that I would have to go another way (I hope the image conveys that – it was what it seemed like from afar). But I knew the road well enough to know there would be space around that car so I carried on and sure enough there was . . .


Which got me thinking about the importance of perspective. Things aren’t always as they might seem.

I think this is especially true in the work I do. Content is huge on the web and interestingly this growth has been powered by user generated content – just look at the stats for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. Context matters more and more as much of what is published is opinion or point of view – it would be, user generated content is generated in a particular context by a person who has a particular point of view on the world. And that can be said of any content – just think of the biases in journalism too.

So to make judgements on content – such as how useful it might be to your clients or customers to share – we need to have an idea on who has produced the content and how accurate it is. That’s why curation is such an important skill on the web.

It brought to mind this old advert for the Guardian which makes the point well.