If you are unsure what digital curation means and what is involved, then these 15 things that curators do might be a useful staring point. For businesses, curation is an interesting approach to helping market what you know and what you do. For individuals, it is an interesting approach to making sense of all the things you read and watch and listen to and it can help for both your personal and professional development.

I have taken these 15 ‘actions’ from the short videos below. I curate content for clients and over at LearnPatch and also run a digital curation MOOC through MOOC Pro. If you are interested in curation for business or personal development then drop me a line.

Curators . . .

  1. See connections between things and are interested in those intersections.
  2. Think about the context of the information they are sharing.
  3. Consider why they make the selections they make. What is driving them – interest, professional development, commercial interest?
  4. Are enthusiastic about the information they share. People respond well to that enthusiasm.
  5. Rely on (and trust) others. This is about relationships and networks.
  6. Find interesting things on the web. This is important when there is so much already available and becoming available.
  7. Consider who the audience is and curates for them, not just for themselves.
  8. Are curious.
  9. Look behind the first page of Google search results.
  10. Help people decide what to, and what not to, pay attention to.
  11. Find and distill good ideas, which can save us from getting stuck on bad ideas.
  12. Research and mix information to create a new experience.
  13. Tell stories and start conversations – they have something new to say about a collection of things.
  14. Think about relevance and provide a great experience.
  15. Communicate different perspectives.

What is Curation? from Percolate on Vimeo.

Curate SXSW from Kathy Jaller on Vimeo.