Just wanted to share news of a new project I am working on with @burrough. At the start of the year we designed and ran a massive open online course (MOOC) on digital curation skills which was a big success. Massive for us was 450 participants, not the 60,000 you might get onĀ  a Coursera MOOC.

That’s OK though because our focus is on using curated content, provoking conversation and helping people make connections. That’s harder to scale. The emphasis very much fits with a lot of the work I do here at Itsdevelopmental (I curate content for two clients currently) and also my work at LearnPatch.

It’s an exciting space to be in as the tech provides great UX and is low cost. There is huge potential and a great opportunity here for organisations to explore new ways of creating and supporting colleague, team and business development.

You can find out more at moocpro.co.uk or feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or on email.