If your little notifications flag in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage is showing more notifications than usual it might be because people in your network have started blogging.

LinkedIn has enabled anyone in the network to start blogging there. It is simple to do. Just click on the pen icon to the right of the update box (see below) and away you go.

Screenshot 2014-07-01 16.09.54

I wrote my first post on LinkedIn a few days ago and in it I posed the question, Is it time to start blogging on LinkedIn? As a result of the post I learned a few things:

It’s worth remembering that your blog posts on LinkedIn will then be listed under your profile page. As the posts are attributed to you it is worth thinking about how you, if you need to, link to other sites – your business site, for example. This might be as simple as a short biography with a link to the site.

There will be a lot of advice on how to write on LinkedIn. My concern is that posts will default to text, rather than being more visual like other blogging platforms, and that LinkedIn members will feel the need to impress people with their knowledge. This happens less on personal blogs, which can be less formal and more conversational 9which is what blogs are all about).

So, try and think about who you are writing for and what you can usefully share. Also, mix up the formats and get visual too. Most importantly, approach each post as the start of a conversation. I got great insights from others on my first post.