#DM20_logo_web292I’ve just posted an update on the work I am doing with Drake Music on the Drake Music blog. I have been working with Drake Music for 18 months developing ways to use social technology to help improve the way the organisation shares information internally and externally.

As a part of this work, we ran an organisation-wide experiment for three months to see if everyone could share something once a month both internally on Yammer (the internal social network) and externally on a network of that person’s choosing. The experiment followed other smaller experiments as well as a lot of conversation online and at an away-day about how we could better share what we do.

The experiment was called Connecting colleagues and amplifying our work and once it had come to an end we (myself and CEO Carien Meijer) created a survey to ask all colleagues what they had managed to share (or not) and what stopped them and what help they might need to carry on sharing as a apart of their work. We needed this information as the aim of using these social tools is to create a sustainable way of sharing the work of the organisation – it is a small organisation with no marketing team and a geographically dispersed workforce who mostly work on a per project basis.

The survey has provided incredibly useful insights and as a result Carien has been in contact with those people who did not take part in the survey to find why the didn’t/couldn’t participate. In so doing, she had great conversations with colleagues that enabled her to reconnect with the work they were doing (which can be hard when everyone is so busy). From these conversations came some deeper insights into what stops colleagues from sharing the work they do. This has led to more ideas on how to share work, such as buddying up with colleagues to interview each other on what they have been up to. We plan to capture these interviews and share them.

I’m sharing this as the post I have written on the Drake Music blog features links to the blog posts I have written as my work has progressed. looking back at this, it is amazing to see what the orgainsation has achieved. It also shows that it takes time to develop more open ways of sharing work. This is still a work in progress but thought it would be useful to flag up where we have got to.