Last week was quite a week. I was at the Learning Technologies conference in London’s Olympia. I was there to do quite a few jobs and I quickly wanted to reflect on some of them.

First off, me and my partner in crime @burrough shared our thoughts on running a massive open online course (MOOC) at a seminar run by Curatr CEO Ben Betts. We used Curatr to run our MOOC on how to be an effective digital curator. Ben introduced Sam and I as ‘MOOC wranglers’, which made me laugh. That’s the first time I’ve been called a wrangler of any sort. I have worn a pair of Wranglers though!

The session was really good and Sam and I pitched in with what it was like to create and run a MOOC (we had 300 signed up to it). We also had three people who were on the MOOC in the audience. I’m going to share some more thoughts on the experience of running a MOOC but the main points for me are:

At the end of day one, I ran a barcamp event called Learning Tech Inside Out. I did this over at LearnPatch, the L&D media start-up I run. I took five speakers from the conference and brought them into a local pub where we had ‘speed conversations’ which consisted of 10 minute conversations with each speaker. Around 30 people turned up, and the event was a great success.

Here’s a Vine from the event . . .

And some feedback . . .

Great evening at the Learning Technologies fringe event (which incidentally was in a pub) #lt14ukfringe @martincouzins — John Curran (@designedlearnin) January 29, 2014

On day two, I delivered an Ignite talk, which followed the Pecha Kucha format of 20 slides automatically times to advance every 15 seconds.

I hacked the format so that I shared 10 images at 30 seconds a go. I was talking about digital skills for building personal and professional credibility online. The image at the top of this post was my view of the audience.

The talk went well I think . . . Whilst at the conference I also got to interview some interesting people. You can listen to the interviews here . . .