Just a quick post to share what’s swirling around in my head.


I curate content for clients and in so doing get to read a lot and investigate what I’m reading. There’s a lot of repeated content out there and it can take time to get to the source.  It is hard to get to facts and I’m starting to think about what constitutes a fact, especially with so much opinion and conjecture online.


Forget the growth of video online. How about the growth of opinion? It is what powers the web. That is both a good and bad thing. Good because you get to learn what others are thinking. But bad because it makes it a lot harder to get to fact and evidence.

Filter bubbles

In filtering the web we need good tools. There are some great ones out there. However, it is worth thinking about how they filter your view of the web. Twurly, for example, filters links that the people I follow on Twitter have shared the previous day. That represents the view of 3,000 people. I learn loads from these people but it is only 3,000 people. The same goes for Buzz Sumo, which shares content of ‘influencers’.

It’s relatively early days for us when it comes to filtering, and making sense of, information but we need to be mindful of what we are consuming and what it is – and isn’t – telling us.