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Next week I’m talking to media communications students at Bath Spa University about using social media to promote and amplify their work (more on that here). Last week I set up a shared document and hashtag to get the conversation going.
Roll on a week and the conversation has taken its own direction. The hashtag has changed to #storypromote and the students have started sharing their thinking on it. The Google doc is not being used, but the conversation is already happening on Twitter so we’ll go with it there.
One of the tweets mentioned this article about how writers can use social media to share their work. It is a good read and in the spoirit of the piece, and my forthcoming talk, I thought I would add some more ideas. I got to 34, so here they are:
  1. Be yourself, be honest
  2. Share on all your networks – a few eye-catching words and a link
  3. Make sure the messgaes are short enough to be shared again
  4. Shape your message specifically for the audience and network
  5. call out individuals to respond if you think they might
  6. Ask your network to help share it
  7. Use content as ‘fish food’ to build relationships
  8. Share again, and again – but don’t overdo it
  9. Be clear about how long it will take to read/watch/listen to
  10. Add context – provide a reason to read
  11. Think conversation, not broadcast
  12. Ask people directly for feedback
  13. Tell your sources in the piece that it has been published
  14. Ask what they think about your story
  15. Provoke a conversation in the comments on the article/video/audio
  16. Provoke conversations in other networks – Facebook, Linkedin, Google
  17. Set up Google authorship and link your content to that via Google +
  18. Respond to comments
  19. Share the fact people have commented
  20. Openly thank them for their contribution
  21. Use those comments to bring people back to the piece (add the link)
  22. See what your stats are telling you
  23. Share according to what the data is telling you
  24. Time your sharing according to geographic location
  25. Act as social director – narrate the conversation around the comments
  26. Atomise the piece
  27. Turn it into an infographic
  28. Turn it into a slide deck
  29. Turn it into audio
  30. Turn it into video
  31. Create a Twitter chat on the topic
  32. Run a poll based on comments and feedback
  33. Develop the story based on comments – do a second part, third part
  34. Submit to blog carnivals
  35. Submit to relevant publications- syndicate

Got any more? Please share in the comments!