At the end of January I delivered an Ignite talk at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition in London. After a bit of hacking – the deck is supposed be 20 slides timed to advance every 15 seconds but I ran the same slide twice, giving me 30 seconds a slide and a 10-point format.

My topic was building personal and professional credibility and how to do that online. It’s a broad topic and my points were quite high level – I didn’t have time to talk specific tools, for example.

The reason I was talking on this topic, apart from the fact I feel passionate about it, is that Sam Burrough and I have spun a new business out of our work on digital skills, which started with our MOOC on digital curation. I’ll talk about that in a future post, but we are aiming to help people, teams and organisations develop their digital skills to enable them to build credibility. More on the Credible You site.

Here is the deck from the talk and below that the video of me in action (starting at 6m 15s)!

You know it, so show it: 10 tips to help you show what you know from Martin Couzins