Nearly seven years after it launched, Twitter has published a video explaining what Twitter is. This video is unlisted on Youtube – and therefore unsearchable – but has been shared by a Twitter account (@twitterguide) that has been set up to, “Follow new users and help them make their Twitter experience as easy and valuable as possible.”

The @twitterguide profile is linked to¬† the Discover Twitter website, which explains a bit more about what Twitter is for and features a tweet counter that tells you how many tweets have been published whilst you have been looking at the site (it rises very rapidly, you won’t be surprised to hear).

There are plenty of other videos on the Twitter Youtube channel (the first one was posted there three years ago) but this is the first one to explain the what of Twitter .

Mashable suggests that the video and @twitterguide profile are attempts by Twitter to attract new users in light of becoming a publicly listed company. Whatever the reason, the video and @twitterguide profile are useful resources for anyone looking to get onto the service.