I’m currently drafting this month’s article for Web Analytics World which is a follow on from last month’s look at content marketing. In the article I’m going to use the iceberg as a metaphor for corporate communications, arguing that what we typically get to see from organisations is that which is visible above the water line. And what we see are ‘managed’ communications thanks to PR, corporate communications and marketing. Social media has not changed this, by the way. It tends to be seen as new communications channel.

What excites me is the opportunity to transform communications so that we start to see more of the 90% of content and communications that are hidden. In there is the knowledge, history and culture of the organisation. Tap this effectively and you start to show the value of the organisation.

Being able to document and share useful information for colleagues, customers, peers not only helps show the value of the organisation it shows what individuals know and the value they bring to the organisation. This is the thinking behind my mini hack as a part of the CIPD-MIX Hackathon, Hacking HR to Build an Adaptability Advantage.

Time to find out what lies beneath?

[Picture credit: Absolulu]