Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 13.45.59I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently due to the fact we have been revamping the site. And now it is live I wanted to share it!

The process of creating a new site has been a collaborative one which has been a pleasure to be a part of. David Abbott, who runs design studio Chesapeake in Bristol, has done much of the graft.

Having worked with David on the new 21st Century Learning Initiative site I decided I wanted him to take a look at my site. I also decided I wanted him to be creative as possible so provided a short brief (turn away now if you like detailed briefs):

I need to turn into a very accessible site that shows we do creative things, tells visitors who we are and catches their eye with the things we have done and could do for them.I like the logo, if you think it is still workable. I’d like to change the strapline to something along the lines of – ‘Helping you create and share useful stories’ or something like that.I’d like simple and accessible to be the thrust of whatever we do.I have done lots of different types of client work so need to be able to showcase that easily – and I will need to be upload this easily too.I have social channels that can be promoted and blog quite a lot – it drives most of traffic to the site. This all needs to be clear to the visitor.I have NO preconceived ideas of how this should look.Is this enough to start with?

It was enough to start with and David got to work on the creative ideas. One of his first questions was around images and how we could use an image to suggest ‘stories’. Cue a conversation with an illustrator friend of mine Mark Hackett who came up with the campfire image. He also came up with the fire icon you can see dotted around the site.

So what have we got? Well, hopefully something that is easy to understand and easy to look around. We have added a clients page so you can see the types of people we work with and the type of work we do. David has also waved his technical magic wand so that when you click on the fire icon you get to read something similar to what you have just read. We both liked the idea of offering an experience based on looking around the site and seeing what we do.

We – my business partner and wife, Roisin – are delighted with the new site and are very proud of how it looks and what it is saying. We still have some work to do on the content but the look and feel is there. We are also delighted that David enjoyed the process of creating it for us. He has written about it on his site complete with more of the design thinking. I particularly liked this quote:

I threw a large amount of work at this site because Martin gave me almost free rein to explore ideas. It’s an example of one of those projects that advances one’s thinking, transcends expectations and provides something far beyond remuneration at the end.

That to me sums up a successful, collaborative and creative project.

We hope you like the site – and any feedback welcome!