Yesterday I had coffee with my friend Mark Hackett to discuss a t-shirt design. Mark is also an illustrator, who designed the header for this site.

We always have good chats and yesterday was no exception. We were talking about learning because I want to get a t-shirt based on learning (this is an idea for LearnPatch). That took us off into a discussion about why we as adults find it hard to articulate learning once we leave education.

My thinking is that it is a difficult thing to talk about because in some senses we just do it without thinking about it. It was during this part of our conversation that Mark reflected on the approach to learning he experienced as an art school student.

It seems so simple and obvious to say it but I think it makes a lot of sense, especially at a time when organisations are falling over themselves to mention the word innovation.

This is the two-step approach to better learning:

  1. Stimulate curiosity
  2. Provide the means to satisfy that curiosity

From my experience it is the second point that causes organisations the biggest problems.