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Would you tweet a regular business meeting? The reason I ask is because I was with a client last week – it was a national managers meeting for Drake Music – and we tweeted the meeting.

This was the first time I’d been in this sort of meeting – a regular business meeting, as opposed to a public event – and been tweeting.

It ended up working really well. We gave the meeting its own hashtag and agreed the rules of tweeting, which were to flag up anything you didn’t want shared. As a result of our tweeting we connected with people outside the room while we talked and brought that conversation into the room. Drake Music has colleagues dispersed all around the country so this proved to be a useful way to share some of what the organisation is working on. This idea could be developed so we have regular Twitter chats to update the Drake Music network on who is doing what.

I thought it was a brave experiment so hats off to the Drake Music national managers for wanting to tweet their meeting. I captured the tweets on Storify, which you can see below. We have also shared this Storify on the Drake Music blog and internally on Yammer.