Technology can be a pain when it doesn’t do what you want it to do. At the start of this year I decided to take a picture a day for the year and put them in one place. I really like using Instagram so decided the way to go would be to plug Instagram into a blog.

I plugged it into Tumblr and hoped the process would look like this – take image in Instagram which gets posted to Tumblr blog and from there is shared to Twitter and Facebook. Simple.

But, I already had a Tumblr blog before I set up my Picture a day blog. This fact matters in Tumblr as the first Tumblr you set up becomes your primary one and it turns out that that is where my Instagram images would get sent – that’s the default and you cannot change that.  So, the images went to the wrong blog which meant I had to hand crank them to the right place every day.

But I didn’t. Having to manage images in the content management system was enough of a barrier for the project to grind to a halt. I was still taking pictures, they weren’t getting to the intended bog.

Then I looked at Pinterest and discovered I could pin images to a board that I had created for the project using gramfeed. This enables me to put Instagram images on any of my boards. And from Pinterest I can share images. The process is one day old and not 100% automated but it is very simple so it feels like it will work.