I enjoy looking at the year in review data of the big social networks. Not only do I like to see the trends and what the zeitgeist looks like across these networks I also like the different ways in which the reviews are curated and presented.

I’ve pulled together links to eight well-known networks. I hope you find this a useful list.

Called Facebook Stories, Facebook has pulled together all the trends in this one site. It includes this video.

The photo sharing service has pulled together its review of the year here – what it calls the Top moments of 2013.

Users are also pointed to the see curated images from ‘current events’, which you can see here.

This post on the  Google blog, announcing the Youtube year in review, includes some good stats and links to Youtube data. Youtube has also created a custom channel here where you will find lots of trends from the year.

Youtube also created the is mashup to look back on the year . . .

Twitter has created this site to host all of its year in review content. It has also produced this video . . .

The Google Zeitgeist 2013 can be found here.  You can watch the year in review video, the top 100 searches and a set of review lists. Here is the video . . .

Slideshare has created, you guessed it, a slide deck to share the Slideshare Zeitgeist 2013. The link is here, the deck is embedded below.

SlideShare Zeitgeist 2013 from SlideShare

The music streaming service has pulled all its year in review data into this site which reveals more data as you scroll.

Here is a slide deck of all the product updates LinkedIn has made this year. It has also pulled together some lists, such as the Top 10 Overused LinkedIn Profile Buzzwords of 2013 and The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2013.

What’s very cool is that Linkedin mines your data (if you allow it to) to tell you what has been going on in your Linkedin network. You can see that here.