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Back in April the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development launched a hackathon with the aim of ‘hacking HR’. The official title of the hack is: Hacking HR to build an Adaptability Advantage.

The aim of the hack was to seek out new ways of ‘doing HR’. To create ways of making HR more adaptable and to focus on HR’s role as a catalyst for change. The hack used management thinker Gary Hamel’s MIX platform to develop the hacks and set out to find ‘hacks’ – fixes that would make HR more adaptable.

Anyone could suggest a hack and plenty did. I did. Mine was on Storytelling for HR, which I felt was important as a standalone hack but also as a necessary skillset across the profession if it is to be able to articulate its role as catalyst and change maker.

Once the hacks had been suggested each one had to find a team of people who wanted to develop the hack. To my amazement, a team formed around my idea. We got hacking.

I’m very keen on transparency in process because it enables you to show others how you got from A to B. That’s why I suggested a shared Google document for the team to collaborate. We developed all our ideas in this document and some of us got together for a Google Hangout to bring some face to face time to the hack (we all live miles apart from one another). A link to the Hangout recording is in the document.

We  have just completed the hack, which has been published on the MIX platform – you can see it here. It is a great achievement and in such a short space of time, in holiday time and with us all living in different parts of the country. Our digital collaboration really worked.

But our hackathon story does not end here. We are currently crowdsourcing storytelling resources to add to the hack. So, if you have any to share, then please add them to this shared document.

We are hoping to create a site to share stories and resources for HR professionals and are hoping to be able to share some stories at the CIPD’s centenary conference in November.

Our story continues but I’d like to say a huge thanks to the hack team that have made it all possible.

Simon Jones @ariadneassoc
Neil Morrison  @neilmorrison
David D’Souza @dds180
Erika Lucas @sharestory
Frances McGregor @McGregorFrances
Clayton Glen @claytonglen