I’m going to start a new # called #trainingcrimes first example to follow ….

— Phil Willcox (@PhilWillcox) June 7, 2013


A funny thing happened last Friday. Phil Willcox tweeted that he was going to start a new hashtag – #training crimes. No sooner had he tweeted  it others were already starting to share their training crimes.

Over the course of that Friday morning around 100 training crimes were shared by a range of people. I captured these tweets in this Storify. By around midday there were 101 different, and very funny, training crimes.

There were more ‘crimes’ shared through the afternoon and more followed over the weekend too. On Monday morning I decided to pull together another Storify of tweets and to my amazement managed to pull together another 101 training crimes.

So, over a couple of days many, many people had contributed their training ‘crimes’. These amounted to just over 200 crimes and all started from one tweet on Friday morning from Phil Willcox.

In itself it is amazing what sharing an idea on Twitter can do – and the role of a hashtag in bringing ideas together. What I find interesting is the value in what is shared, which is why I like capturing tweets. Indeed, someone on the hashtag commented that would-be trainers should use the tweets as a part of their professional development.

It’ll be interesting to see if we could repeat this again this Friday . . .