Author Daniel Pink delivered the closing keynote at last week’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development conference in Manchester, UK. The talk gave an HR-friendly view of the thinking in his latest book To sell is human. To sumarise his talk . . .

All humans are all able to sell and scientifc evidence supports this idea. So, HR professionals should start to use their selling skills to wield more influence in the business.

During the talk, Pink put up this slide on curation and made a useful point on the value of curating information. He said that unlike accessing information, which is what we traditionally do on the web, curating information gives us comparative advantage. He was making that point that buyers are now more empowered than ever when approached by sales people because they have just as much – if not more – information at their fingertips than the person doing the selling. This is a game changer for sales.

It’s also useful to think of this as being a game changer in how we makes sense of information on the web. Accessing one article on a topic has a certain value, but accessing a range of content on a topic and packaging this up to help others make sense of that topic too provides this ‘comparative advantage’. That’s where individuals, teams and organisations can really benefit from curating resources.