This week I was at the Learning Live Conference – a conference for learning and development professionals organised by the Learning and Performance Institute. One of the sessions I attended was  on storytelling.

Run by Fiona Quigley and Dr Maureen Murphy, the session started with each table rolling a story dice. The dice has an image on each side and we were asked to share something with the rest of the table that was related to the image.

We rolled this image of a tunnel. Craig Taylor, sitting to my left, then said he would share a story about a tunnel. His story was that he was on a slow moving ammunition train that derailed in a tunnel in Bosnia (during the Bosnian war). No one was injured, by the way.

What a story, I thought.

I’d not used story dice – and maybe they are a well used ‘training tool’ – but I really liked it as a way of provoking conversation/stories in a more abstract, and visual, way.