Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 16.32.29I’m excited. Following on from some fruitful crowdsourcing of worst workplace metaphors I asked cartoonist Mark Hackett to interpret them as he saw fit – based on the comments provided on the Google doc we used.

I now have 16 cartoons which I plan to pull together in an easy-to-view way. While I do that I thought I would share one.

This image goes with ‘human capital’, which was submitted by Steve Flowers aka @xpconcept.

He commented in the doc:

Not directly (or intentionally) a metaphor, but still a phrase that gets my goat.

I get that this “re-terming” is an attempt at a more friendly technical way to refer “Human Resources” but, while new, it’s not really any nicer than HR with the implication that the humans belong to the corporation. Not entirely unlike cattle that belong to a ranch. We know what happens when cattle reach the peak of usefulness:)

What’s wrong with “People” and “Teams”?