On January 8 2014, Sam Burrough (@burrough) and I will be running a two-week online course on how to be an effective digital curator. The course marks the next stage in what has become quite a story, a story I wanted to share here.

One of the services I offer clients is live event coverage and as a part of that I curate post-event content such as blog posts, articles, images and videos (here’s an example). This curation was a natural progression from the commissioning and editing I used to do as a web and magazine editor. I was used to pulling together information on specific topics.

When I started LearnPatch, my media start-up for L&D professionals, I wanted to continue to curate content as I believed there was huge value in pulling together links each day that included a short intro so that readers could get a feel for whether something was worth looking at or not.

Whilst editing LearnPatch I got to know the We e-learning crew based down the road from me in Bristol. A serendipitous moment at an Ignite Talk in Bristol led me to them. Dan Roddy (@danroddy) was running that event and as I got chatting with Dan it emerged he was also running We e-learning with Sam Burrough. Dan invited me along to their events, which I duly accepted.

Roll on a few months and I pitched a talk for one of their events which was on curating information for learning. In preparation for the talk I canvassed opinion on what curation meant for L&D professionals. This sparked some interesting comments on an open shared Google document, which I used to collect answers. You can see that here.

It just so happened that whilst I was crowdsourcing opinion on curation I attended the World of Learning conference so whilst I was there I canvased more opinion on what curation meant to L&D professioanls, this time on video.  Armed with video and comments from the shared document, I created a short video for my talk at We e-learning. Here it is . . .

It was at that event I heard Sam Burrough, an online learning consultant, talk about how he was using curation in his organisation. I thought it was a great story so I wrote it up for LearnPatch, which you can see here.

As a result of our curation work we got asked to do a presentation at this year’s World of Learning conference. In preparation for that we wrote this article and produced this video (props to Sam for doing all the production) . . .

Which brings the story up to date. Sam uses social learning platform Curatr in his organisation and we thought this would be a good platform to take our work on curation to the next stage. And here we are. On January 8 2014, we will be running a two-week online course on How to be an effective digital curator. The course is free and will provide an introduction to curating information, from finding content to organising it and giving it context to sharing it. We see this as an essential digital skillset for business people, whatever discipline you work in. The course is open to anyone – as it is online, you can take it on any device, wherever you are in the world.

We hope you can join us on the 8th. To sign up, click here.