Wow – on 28 January 2013 this blog will be five years old. And today’s post is the 8ooth.

I wondered how I might celebrate and I got as far as reading the first two posts and stopped.

Post one – The hopeful trainer – reads:

There’s a first for everything and this is a first for me – my first post on my first blog. My aim is to jot down thoughts on management and training and also point out interesting information on development – something I am passionate about.

Post two – The hopeful what? – reads:

Ok, so my first post wasn’t great so here’s a bit of clarification. I am an online editor in a big media organisation. I have been a manager for quite a few years and am very interested in management and training. Why? Because I have worked with some very good managers and have really benefited from their support and guidance. I have also attended some great training courses.

On the flip side, I have worked in teams that didn’t work very well. My experience is that it doesn’t take a lot to get a team working well – the right people, the right goals, the right culture, the right reward. Simple – but oh no. Poor managers are usually at the heart of poor performance and team dynamics.

So, that was me starting out – a spluttering start, but guess you have to start somewhere!

Roll on five years and I’m struck by how the blog has developed and how my life has changed. It has been really interesting reflecting on that fact and seeing how I’ve developed professionally – having a blog has been a great way to document these changes, share thinking, be challenged. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting. And thanks Adam for getting me to do it.