The week after next I am doing a talk at one of my local universities – Bath Spa University – on how to develop a story once it has been written.

By way of preparation I am aiming to gather some views on the subject so have set up a Google doc HERE as well as putting together the short video above.

I’d like to get some input from the students prior to the talk and Dan Ashton a senior lecturer in media communication at the university has agreed to share with them the link to the doc.

I’m also hoping to get some other comments too. At this stage I’m not sure whether a) anyone will respond and b) how the conversation will emerge but using this shared Google doc approach has led to some very interesting things happening – here and here – so I believe it can work again.

Although I am talking to media students I’d like to get as much input as I can – this is for anyone who has a view on how to develop a story.

Feel free to add your thoughts!