Woke up this morning to read the news, from my feeds in Google Reader (of course) that Google is shutting down its RSS reader – more on the official Google blog.

Over on the Google Reader blog, Google explains the decision:

There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience.

This is a a) a real shame as I have enjoyed using Goggle Reader for years and b) presents me with a new challenge for managing my feeds. I need to find a new service!

Add in the fact that Posterous is closing down – which is the service I used for my live event reporting – and you realise you can never get too comfortable with the tools you use.

If you are one of those affected, you can export all your data – more on that here.