Bath Digital Festival 2013 is currently in full swing, with a range of events taking place in and around the city from 14-24 March.

I was itching to get involved but rather than run an event I suggested crowdsourcing images from the event to create a lasting document of all that went on. As it is a digital festival I thought we should be using social tech to harness all the action – more on that here.

Having reached out to festival organiser Dave Kelly he suggested I talk to self-confessed local Instagram addict Pey Colborne to see if she could help – I thought Instagram was definitely the way to go. Pey suggested I keep the process of sourcing the images as simple as possible, following the event hashtag. Both Dave and Pey liked the idea and were very encouraging.

Pey suggested creating a Pinterest board, which I did. I still thought that the majority of images would come from Instagram and had a great tool (Gramfeed) lined up to feed the images into the Pinterest board.

Four days in and I have pinned more thsan 80 shots taken by festival attendees. What’s been interesting so far is that most images are being shared via Twitter, not Instagram. That has meant using a Twitter image sourcing tool – Twipho – to keep an eye on what images have been taken.

I’m not feeding all shots into the board – there are some very similar shots from the same event, for example. The process of getting the pictures onto the boards seems fairly straightforward. I’m using the ‘Pin it’ bookmarklet in my browser to pin from Twipho and from Gramfeed for Instagram. I’m also adding credits to all images as I go. I have yet to use the Pinterest apps.

I’m hoping that by the end of the festival there will be a board of many, many images that have been captured by the people who participated.

I’m also hoping that fellow ‘pinners’ will create their own boards and repin images from this board. This seems to me to be a great way of documenting individual events – something all event organisers should be thinking about.

Thanks to everyone who has taken pictures so far. And to those of you coming to events over the coming days, keep up the great work!