I feel privileged to share this as it is not often clients are open about how they develop their social media activities. In this case, I’m blogging – or rather narrating – the journey so that colleagues and the wider network can see what we are doing and trying to achieve.

My approach at Drake Music is simple:

  1. To look at what is working and capitalise on that
  2. To identify ways of using social tools that fit with the realities of work (ie time/tech challenges)
  3. To Support DM through coaching in using tools and sharing the successes, or otherwise, of our social media efforts.

This approach is aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation. At a practical level, we will be working on three ‘experiments’ to test out our hypothesis about using social tools to meet the goals of each experiment. I will support those doing the experiments and narrate their progress for colleagues and the wider network to see.

At the end of the experiments we should be inĀ  a position of understanding what has worked and what has not and why. There will also be three people in the organisation who will have a deeper understanding of the tools and they should be able to share this knowledge on an ongoing basis.

The strategy will be based on what has worked.

You can read more on my Drake Music blog post.