Earlier this week I read three separate blog posts that seemed to hang together quite well.

The first, about beliefs, was written by Neil Morrison. The context was HR – Morrison is a blogging HR director –  and the need for HR professionals to have a higher set of beliefs to aspire to versus the usual aims of HR.

One example he gave was I believe I can make the workplace a better place for everyone versus  I believe that people don’t take me seriously enough. Morrison made the point that our beliefs define us and that we should investigate more the ‘why of I’.

Second up, I read this post by Seth Godin on the power of words as ‘hooks’ and ‘levers’. Godin gives examples of words that have been appropriated by people and who are then able to gain leverage from them. Doctors and lawyers are particularly good at this, he says.

I then looked at this post on the power of video to present information by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku – it featured the video above. Kaku argues that some of humankind’s greatest theorists were very visual in the way they explained their theories. Isaac Newton and apples, for example.

Why do I think these three posts hang together quite well? Because beliefs as outlined by Morrison are powerful. They tend to be quite visual and positive and lend themselves to being expressed using metaphor. There’s also a lot of scope to articulate beliefs using words and pictures as outlined by Godin and Kaku.

There’s a huge potential here to get others excited in your beliefs and those of the business function you might work in.