Really liked this list of ideas festivals. Wish I had been to some but haven’t managed to get to one – yet. I’m lucky that I get to go to smaller unconferences, which have something of a festival feel about them, but there doesn’t seem to be a workplace festival (if there is please let me know).

So why don’t we have ideas festivals for the workplace? There is so much change coursing through organisations at the moment it would seem the right time to create a space and place to share thinking on these changes.

As I said, there are smaller events covering elements of the workplace such as this week’s Tru recruitment unconference, next month’s Social Learning conference (it is half unconference), the forthcoming ConnectingHR unconference plus the new L&D Connect unconference. There are also many traditional conferences servicing the workplace sector.

Be great to see a Do Lectures or LikeMinds or SXSW for the workplace.