Today is the 29th February 2012 and that makes it a leap year. Google ’employers and leap day’ and you will see a range of stories about the fact employers are getting a free day of work out of their employees. So, is that it? Employers get an extra day of their employees’ time?

Not all employers see it is an opportunity to get more from their workers. It is interesting to see that the National Trust has organised the Local Leap which sees more than 5,000 of its employees work on local community initiatives.

And an initiative to volunteer for the day is being supported by the likes of Punch Taverns and St Giles Hospice.

There are also smaller initiatives such as this day of fun organised by Doug Shaw at What Goes Around.

But is that it? I had a trawl around and couldn’t see much more. Maybe there is but it is not being talked about much. Following the #leapday hashtag might reveal more.

Have a good, extra, day.