Dr Susan Weinschenk shares her tips on moving from what she calls a ‘can do’ website to a ‘will do’ and ultimately a ‘still do’ website.

The seven principles are:

1 Too many choices
People say they want choice but give them too many choices and they find it harder to make a decision.

2 Social validation
Users will look to see what others are doing to help them make decisions. Peer group recommendations are very powerful.

3 Scarcity
If something is less available then people tend to want it more.

4 Food, sex, danger
Our unconscious mind is very sensitive to these factors – could be difficult to weave into your site though!

5 Power of faces
We are predisposed to pay attention to faces so use them well on your site.

6 Stories
We process info best in story form.

7 Commitment
Small commitments can grow over time – so build them up for users.