The news that Wibbitz, the text-to-video service, has securedĀ  funding caught my eye this morning so I went and had a look at what it could do.

The Wibbitz site creates a short clip of video content from a URL or RSS feed. I provided it with the domain of this site and it produced the clip (above) complete with graphics and voiceover. The service provides a video summary of text articles.

The result? Not bad, considering how quickly the service produced the video. Also, it showed up the fact I post a lot of content without images. The voice isn’t too clunky either.

This short clip is meant to give a quick idea of the types of things the service can do so I am presuming that is more customisation available.

This could be a great service for automatically generating richer content for your site, making your text work harder for you. It is also a great way to summarise articles.

Could Wibbitz be a panacea for long articles that aren’t read much? Maybe – you’ll need to test that out. That said, you still need to understand the best content and format for your audience.