Last week at the Peer Awards Conference, Tom Robinson at MITIE client services shared how the company develops staff. What stood out was the fact they didn’t provide formal training at all.

MITIE is a front-of-house services company which means it provides staff for reception desks and related services. The work is all about customer service. There is no product sold so there is no need to provide training around that.

No, the focus for MITIE is on delivering high-quality customer service. As they put it, ‘Exceptional, memorable experiences one guest at a time.’

What’s interesting here is that each client will determine what that means and MITIE trusts colleagues to be able to adapt to what that client expects.

In order to ensure colleagues deliver quality service, MITIE provides experiential training experiences so that individuals know what exceptional service feels like. This includes experiencing high-quality customer service, as a customer in a hotel, for example.

They also provide off-site social events to bring teams together and encourage colleagues to try out new things with their Game on system. All is explained in the interview . . .


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