Tru events organiser Bill Boorman delivered a keynote on mobile at the Graduate Employment Conference, in Leeds.

He started his presentation by showing this video and then shared his thoughts on mobile and why universities need to focus on it as a channel (or rather, the channel) for delivering employability content to students.

Here are 10 points from his presentation:

  1. The book and pen are redundant, they are souvenirs
  2. In two years we won’t have computers. We’ll be on mobile devices instead
  3. Mobile is going to be the channel we will all be using
  4. Create content that is mobile friendly
  5. Employers and career services who want the attention of students should text, not email
  6. You need a network not an office
  7. The mobile generation want instant gratification
  8. Learn how to get relevant data and how to interpret it
  9. Communicate with people in their natural habitat
  10. If kids can organise themselves to riot and burn cities using Blackberry messenger then maybe we can use the technology to help with graduate employability