Richard Bragg, learning and development partner at charity WVRS – the charity that provides meals on wheels – shared a case study on the charity’s elearning journey at this morning’s inaugral Corporate Elearning Consortium meeting.

Elearning at WRVS is now just over a year old and Bragg shared a graph showing elearning usage.

After initial interest in months one and two, usage dropped off. That was when the real work started, said Bragg. He said that overcoming negative perceptions was a big challenge at the charity but once users started to use the system this improved. Now colleagues understand what the system can deliver they are more open to using it as a way of delivering learning.

Bragg also said that communication was so important in engaging learners with the system. Since that drop off in usage after two months there has been a steady increase in the numbers of users using the system thanks to regular communication about the system.

He outlined the obstacles to elearning adoption at WRVS:

And the lessons learned:

It seems that communication is a huge issue around the successful development and deployment of elearning. Building the platform is the easier part of the equation, getting people to use it is a completely different ball game.

Bragg added to the ‘build it and they won’t come’ chorus today which you will probably hear whenever you listen to someone talking about developing elearning.

Surely, others are listening to this chorus?