Many workers will be returning to work today after the Christmas and New Year holidays. And how will they spend some of their time? Sharing their tales from their time off.

They will also be logging on to their PCs and there is a fair chance they will be taken to their intranet. What will they see there? The last stories from the end of last year? Maybe.

So, how about organisations tapping into today’s watercooler conversations? Finding and sharing stories from the holidays. There are bound to be some interesting, unexpected, funny and sad stories. And there are a multitude of ways to collate them:

If the organisation already feeds in Twitter feeds/Facebook updates from company pages and latest posts from colleagues who blog then some of stories will be there for colleagues to read and share.

There is a heap organisations could be doing to bring people together around their shared holiday experiences so what stops this happening? Ask your corporate comms team – they probably have people who write stories from around the business but there will be a process to how these stories are produced. Usually sign-off can take some time – enough time to miss the moment. Or maybe this stuff isn’t seen as important enough?

I don’t go with that argument. Just image what could be achieved from some real-time reporting from around the business. More responsive, timely and relevant content which will help improve employees’ (perception of) communication across the company.

Add to this some aggregation and curation of useful stuff (based on what you know employees find useful) and you could be providing some really useful content.

So much goes on in organisations but structures, geographies, cultures and so on can inhibit the flow of useful information (and I include colleague stories in this). A roving social reporter could help find the stories, help colleagues share their stories, help facilitate the exchange of knowledge.