Neil Jervis, director of recruitment firm and community interest company Resonate provided his pitch for discussion at the recent Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference.

[The event featured a range of ‘conversation sparkers’ who were there to start discussion. Neil was one of them.]

As you can see in the video, Neil made a powerful case for investing in our NEETS. In his ten-minute pitch, which was followed by a group discussion, Neil joined the dots between social enterprise, current corporate crises and the opportunity to create better, more engaged organisations that benefit local communities.

There has to be a mutual benefit for organisations and employees if there is to be better  engagement. Central to this is fairness and equality, he said. There tends to be a disconnect between what an organisation says it does and what it does.

Neil expects there to be a period of sustained change over the next 15 years and social media will be a catalyst in this – putting the magnifying glass on businesses. But business will only change if it can also see a benefit to change.

He then went on to talk about the potential growth of customer experience in the UK (call centres), the role of charities and social enterprises in helping build skills and what young people needed to get started in work.

When describing current youth unemployment and what business and wider society could do about it, he asked the following question:

“Do we damn a whole generation or do we do something about it?”